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Taxi in Moscow

Taxi in Moscow

Many foreigners who come to Moscow for the first time have serious concerns as for what type of transportation to choose. On the one hand there is a divaricated system of metro in Moscow. Numerous branches can get you to any district. City trains are also popular among Muscovites. Certainly, there are trams, buses and Trolleys which complement these main means of transportation. Due to heavy traffic, buses and trolleys are not very effective for long distance rides, however they are quite handy for reaching more or less remote destinations from the nearest metro or railroad station.

Among Muscovites it is believed, that a car is not an effective means of transportation. It is much faster, they believe, to take a train or metro. There is something to this belief, but, certainly, in different circumstances preferences may also differ significantly. This is why Moscow metro may not be the best choice for a foreigner who does not know the city. The branches are so numerous and the names of the stations are so complex for a foreign ear, that finding one’s way turns into a true challenge. This is why many foreigners choose taxi in Moscow as their preferred way of getting about the city.

Here are a few advantages of taxi in Moscow for a foreigner. First of all the prices are competitive. The prices for a ride in municipal transport is quite high, and in case you have to make several changes, as it is oftentimes the case in Moscow, the overall sum appears to be quite significant and taxi in Moscow does not appear to be that expensive of a choice when compared with this price. This is true, however, only if you order taxi in Moscow from a trustworthy company instead of hiring casual taxi drivers in the city. You need to always remember: Moscow is full of private drivers who are not aware of the peculiarities of traffic in this very complicated city. This makes a ride in such a taxi quite a risky undertaking. 

When you order a taxi in Moscow from our company, you can count on an experienced driver who speaks English. An English speaking taxi driver is hard to come bye in Moscow. There is a myth of subway being a fast and comfortable means of transportation compared to a car. In the majority of cases, however, people calculate the time it takes to get from Station A to station B. They do not consider the time it sometimes requires to get through overcrowded long transfers. 

Another important factor to consider is the depth at which many of the stations are located. In order to reach the platform one needs to spend a few minutes going down the escalator. Security measures are also significant, and at any time you may be stopped for additional check of your belongings. This all consumes time, and in the end of the day you may spend not less time than you would have spent in the notorious Moscow traffic jams. Do not forget about the joy of travelling in an overcrowded train. Sometimes the ride takes up to an hour or even more, and during the entire trip you may have to stand still, squeezed between other people. Taxi in Moscow is, certainly, much more attractive of a perspective. It will save your time and nerve. Complemented with an English speaking driver, this option turns into an irresistible one.