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Shopping in Moscow

Shopping in Moscow

Moscow is not just an average city and, having visited it, you will probably desire to purchase something to remind you of your stay. Moreover, chances are you may simply need something while you are in Moscow. It is impossible to foresee everything. Moreover, more and more tourists realize that huge suitcases are not helpful during distant trips. With this in mind it is important to considerthe following: Moscow is a very expensive city. Goods and services are not just expensive, but, oftentimes overpriced. You do not get the quality you pay for unless you address a respected company. Do not purchase things from casual stores unless you absolutely are forced to do so by circumstances. And this is when a taxi in Moscow becomes particularly handy. When you order a taxi in Moscow, you can count on an English speaking driver. Such a driver is also very well aware of the circumstances in the city. He knows the places, where things are cheaper or of higher quality. However, though you can always call taxi in Moscow and delegate the responsibility for the choice to the driver, you need to know about at least three best shopping centers in downtown area.

At Manezhnaya Square 1 you will find a huge and outstandingly popular mall, named after the metro station it is related to – Ohotny Ryad. Here you will find both expensive boutiques and affordable network stores; a wide variety of cafes and fast-food networks will keep you running for a while in case you are in for a lengthy shopping session. Major sights are within the walking distance from the mol, thus, this may be a good place to spend your day in case you have got a free one during your stay.

Another destination, which you can very quickly reach by taxi in Moscow, is located at Petrovka ST. #2. Here you can find the legendary Central Universal Store. Russian version of this Soviet-type name is contracted as CUM. You pronounce it as “tsoom”. If you take a taxi in Moscow, you can tell the driver this magic word and they will know where to bring you even if they do not speak much English. CUM is mainly focused on expensive things. Here you will find top class stores. If you need to dress for an important meeting, this is, probably, the right place for you to go shopping.

A little further from downtown area, not far from Sadovoye Kolco, you will find “Atrium”, a big shopping center located at Zemlyanoy Val ST. #33. A ride by taxi in Moscow to this location will not take you much time. Here you are likely to find both expensive and affordable solutions to your taste.

Between these three locations you are likely to find any item you may be in need of, and avoid overpaying for low quality goods or services. Certainly, credit cards are accepted at all these locations.