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Moscow Airport Vnukovo. Looking for the driver.

Moscow Airport Vnukovo. Looking for the driver.

Vnukovo is, certainly, among the busiest airports in Europe and the third busiest in Russia. This stands for significant traffic within the terminals and on the way from the airport to Moscow. This is why using public transportation is not necessarily the best idea. The overcrowded buses and trains are not the places in which you want to find yourself after a long tiresome flight. As for the taxis, such are to be found at the airport, but the drivers will request too high prices and, in addition, by far not every one of them will speak English. This is not even to bring up their skills. Trafic in Moscow requires good driving skills, meanwhile, at the airport you will find numerous offers from the drivers who come to Moscow only to earn a little money. They are not used to driving in Moscow roads. This may stand for additional time spent in the road, or, in the worst case scenario, for additional dangers. It is a smart move to order a taxi from Vnukovo airport in advance and thus avoid such dangers.

Ordering a taxi from Vnukovo airport is not a complex task. You will be able to set the time of your arrival and request an English speaking driver. There is also a handy option of paying for your trip online... This way you save yourself a lot of time and avoid the effort of running around in search of local currency. You also avoid the overpriced offers. You pay the fair price and a comfortable car with an English speaking driver who will help you during your first hour in Moscow. You can take advantage of the situation and ask the questions about the city, about the services available, purchase a SIM card or get to know about tourist attractions worthwhile seeing.\

However, when you order a taxi from Vnukovo airport, it is critically important for you not to get lost in the crowd and find your driver. In order to do that you need to remember a golden rule: never leave the arrival lounge. Your driver will have a sign in his hands and will be waiting for you in the arrival lounge. Even if the flight is somewhat late, he will be in the lounge and waiting for your arrival. Do not leave the terminal and look for your taxi from Vnukovo airport at the parking lot. Your driver will only wait for you in the arrival lounge. If you have not noticed him at once, take a closer look, you could have overlooked the sign. Walk around the lounge, but do not leave it. Your taxi from Vnukovo airport is the easiest way of getting to your destination point and this is why it is important for you to find the driver.

In any case, before you arrive it is handy to know the layout of the airport. It may be handy to save this scheme to your phone or tablet and have it readily available when you arrive in Moscow. But whatever the circumstances, remember to look for your driver in the arrival lounge.