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What is there to see in Moscow.

What is there to see in Moscow.

Whatever the reason of your coming to Moscow, do not forget that this is a city of great cultural significance. This is the place, where the great cultures of European west and Asian east meet to form the unique bouquet, the smell of which you need to familiarize yourself with. This is why, whenever you arrive and whatever your plans may be, add a few days to your stay. You will need this opportunity for attending various sights, which belong to “must see” category.

It does not really matter if this is your first visit to Moscow. You will be able to find wonderful places here you have never been to even if you come here once a month. This is why it is reasonable to add a few days to any trip to Moscow, and once you are done with the business part of your visit, grab a Moscow taxi and enjoy the view from the window as you travel to your next destination.

As mentioned above, Moscow has got much to offer to any taste. Here are just a few hints as for possible tourist destinations for those who are coming to Russian capital for the first time.

The first, probably, classical destination is Kremlin and Manezhnaya square. Here one can not only find Kremlin itself, but also the armory chamber, the diamond fund, the historical museum. Kremlin itself is a major sight, as it is not only the main building of Russia. It possesses great value from the architectural stand point. In the nearest neighborhood one can find numerous and diverse churches, palaces, etc. Less interestingly, but still, administrative buildings are also located nearby. The location is very close to business center of Moscow, thus it won’t take you long to get there by Moscow taxi from wherever you are.

Another outstandingly interesting location is Gorky Park. The park has recently been reconstructed and even for those, who have seen it before it is highly recommended to have a look at this amazing mixture of high tech solutions and natural recreational areas. This is, certainly, the best park in the entire country and belongs to the number of the best city parks in the entire Europe. Come here if you seek relaxation right after a tiresome day. Moscow taxi will take you here within minutes from any location you may be at.

In case you wish to travel further away from the city center, Peredelkino is the right choice for you. Peredelkino is located in the south-east of Moscow. It is 5 kilometers away from Moscow Ring Road, thus it is quite reachable by means of Moscow taxi as well. Very shortly you will be able to enjoy country scenery, but once you are tired of the nature, you will be able to attend literature museums, enjoy the view of orthodox churches, and even have a glance of the residence of the Russian Orthodox Church’s patriarch. This is a place, where you should spend at least one day.

These are only three of countless locations which you need to see in Moscow. This list is to be continued. But wherever you may wish to go, Moscow taxi will help you reach the destination quickly and effectively.