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Getting about in Moscow

Getting about in Moscow

Moscow is a complicated city even for those who have lived in it since their childhood, but it is particularly hard to find one’s way about the city once you are a tourist. The task becomes even more complicated in case you do not know Russian language well enough. Though much has changed in Moscow since Soviet times, English is still not widely spoken by the locals. At the same time, it is very important to understand the main principles of getting about such a large city. Otherwise you always face the risk of being late for an important meeting.

Certainly, a taxi in Moscow pretty much takes care of all these problems. However, to be on the safe side, it won’t hurt to know all the alternatives which one may use instead of a cab in case of a need.

Buses and trolleys are not very reliable in Moscow, and this is the important thing to keep in mind. On the one hand the route of a bus or a trolley may appear to be tempting, it is not worthwhile taking the risk. It is better to make a change in the metro. This way you remain in control of the situation. In case of a bus or a trolley, you always take the risk of getting stuck in a fabulous Moscow traffic jam. Unlike taxi in Moscow, buses are very big and will be the last to leave the jam. However, it is important to keep in mind, that if you need to get to a certain place from the nearest metro station, a bus or a trolley may be a good solution. You only need to avoid long distance rides by means of trolleys and buses.

Another major means of transportation in Moscow are the city trains. They are quite reliable, since they go through independent tracks, still, there is a significant disadvantage: such trains go comparatively seldom, not as often as metro or other municipal transport.

One more alternative to taxi in Moscow is so called marshrutkas or auto lines. These are mini buses, which in general go faster, are better from the point of view of maneuvering when compared to buses and trolleys. Their flexibility in terms of stops is what attracts some of the passengers. They may stop in the places, where trolleys and buses would not stop. These mini buses are, however, somewhat more expensive when compared to municipal buses.

There are also trams, which are not very popular among Muscovites, due to their network being not very widely spread when compared with other kinds of transportation. However, in many instances they are free of traffic jam risks and thus are more reliable when compared to trolleys and buses.

Lastly, the most essential means of transportation in Moscow is metro. In many instances, if people live in the country side or at a significant distance from the nearest metro station, they order a taxi in Moscow to bring them to the metro. Though overcrowded, this means of transportation is, probably, the most reliable in the entire city. Trains go at very small intervals and the time your trip is going to take you is, at least, calculable.

However, nothing compares to taxi in Moscow when it comes to the comfort of the trip. Thus, if you are not under significant time pressure, this is the right choice to make.