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Where to go in Moscow. Gorky Park.

Where to go in Moscow. Gorky Park.

It is oftentimes the case that a person who travels to Moscow from abroad comes to the city for business purposes. Moscow is, definitely, among the most important cities on the continent and here one can establish new business contacts, make arrangements with the old ones, attend cultural events, participate in political processes and so on.Yet, whatever the purpose of coming to Moscow may be, any visitor will need to have some fun, to relax and forget about all the challenges and difficulties of their work.

In Moscow there are numerous sights, which are worthwhile being seen by any tourist, but there is one, which is, to say the least, out of the range. This is a place which can easily be reached both by metro and by taxi in Moscow, a place, located within downtown area, but, at the same time, very different from what one expects to see in the center of Moscow.

This is the legendary Gorky Park. It is a place, in which highly technological means of entertainment are located next to oases of nature, to segments of forest, where one can arrange a picnic or a barbecue. It is not an easy task to find a place where to have rest within the city. In the majority of cases people go to the countryside, travel hundreds of kilometers away from Moscow in order to find a quiet place.

For somebody who would hire a taxi in Moscow such a ride may appear to be quite a costly undertaking, while getting to one of such remote locations by means of public transport may stand for spending a lot of time on the road. However, there is a wonderful opportunity for active leisure within the downtown area. Gorky Park can be reached from other downtown locations by taxi in Moscow in no more than a quarter of an hour, and one can swim in the river within the park, it is possible to find dancing, skating areas, grounds for children and other attractions.

It is important to remember, that very recently Gorky Park has been reconstructed and thus looks quite different from what it used to look a few years ago. The park was revolutionized and now is certainly among the best city parks of the world. The place is fully covered with WiFi, while at the same time it is a huge eco-zone in the middle of the city, which gives both the Muscovites and the visitors of the city an opportunity to spend time in natural environment in the middle of a highly technological and overcrowded city.

Thus, whenever you feel tired of the noise and fuss of the huge city, grab a taxi in Moscow and tell the driver to take you to the Gorky Park. This is, indeed, among the places worthwhile seeing in Moscow.