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Which is better: subway or taxi in Moscow?

Which is better: subway or taxi in Moscow?

In Moscow Metro is not just another means of transportation. It becomes clear from the first glance at the stations of Moscow underground, from the view of their design, from understanding what unbelievable riches were spent on developing this huge and, at the same time, precise system. This is why if your goal is simply to get from one point to another in Moscow, Taxi in Moscow is, certainly, the best choice for you. But if you are up to an adventure, if you wish to understand the mysterious soul of Moscow, if you wish to feel the rhythm of this city, metro is, probably, what you ought to spend some time in. Look at it as another sight. It is, indeed, a sight, a huge sight, which by far not every foreigner cares to see. Thus, if you are staying far away from the nearest metro station, just grab a taxi in Moscow and tell the driver to bring you to the nearest station, and start your wonderful trip in the underground Moscow. By the way, this is a normal practice to take a taxi in Moscow to the nearest underground station. Muscovites believe, that metro is the most effective of all methods of transportation. And this may be true when it comes to reaching one distant corner of the city from another distant one. However, as mentioned above, for a foreigner taxi in Moscow is a much more preferable, fast and effective means of transportation. Meanwhile Moscow underground is interesting from the aesthetic point of view.

Moscow metro is one of the largest and oldest in the region. It was open as early as in 1935. Back than Moscow authorities came to understand, that existing transport infrastructure was not able to cope with ever increasing flow of passengers, and thus a new means of transportation was introduced to Muscovites.

Metro has always been subject of great pride for Muscovites and, frankly speaking, all Russians. This is why every station of Moscow underground is a masterpiece, a monument of architecture, which was designed to be such. It was a requirement for every station to be different from the others and become a symbol of the place, at which it was located, or the events or people after which or whom it was named. Even though developing a station was not an easy task for the engineers and architects of that time, development of metro has always been going at an impressive pace. The system currently has got 203 stations and 13 lines. It is unthinkable to see all of them, but it is highly recommended to have a look at least at the ones, located in downtown area and the stations of Koltsevaya line.

Moscow metro has inspired numerous writers and film directors to locate the settings of their artistic pieces underground. This is another reason why seeing Moscow metro is so essential for understanding Russian culture of the recent century.

Your underground trip is likely to take a lot of time, but wherever you may end up being after roaming about endless underground transfers, taxi in Moscow will always be there for you in the shortest period of time possible and will bring you to the destination of your choice as soon as you need.