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Don't Ask Moscow Taxi Drivers About Eating Out in Moscow.

Don't Ask Moscow Taxi Drivers About Eating Out in Moscow.

In order to fully understand a culture, it is certainly essential to familiarize oneself with its cuisine. Cultural influences on the nutrition habits are hard to overlook and they help us gain a clearer understanding of the people. Besides, a good dinner is a perfect setting for a conversation. A conversation with local folks certainly give a perfect opportunity for understanding the “soul» of the nation. At the same time it is worthwhile taking advantage of the opportunity and try local food while being in the country of the cuisine’s origin. When staying in Moscow, you will certainly wish to try Russian cuisine.

Moscow is a huge city, in which a large number of cultures have mingled together and thus Moscow restaurants are not only interesting for those who wish to eat typically Russian meals. Caucasian cuisine has significantly influenced eating habits of Muscovites; European cultures have also brought in quite a few peculiarities into how people see their typical meal in Moscow. 

But Restaurants in Moscow are interesting not only due to the food served there. Some of them are much more attractive due to the entire setting. Foreign tourists oftentimes ask Moscow taxi drivers for a recommendation regarding a good café or restaurant. But Moscow taxi drivers should hardly be seen as the best source of information in this respect. For some of them forwarding tourists to a certain restaurant has become an additional source of income. Moscow taxi will bring you to the restaurant, and the restaurant will share the income with the taxi driver. 

Some of Moscow taxi drivers are not local citizens. They come from all over Russia and, even more frequently, from less prosperous post-soviet countries, and for them Moscow is not the place for eating out. This is why it is better to order a Moscow taxi with an English speaking driver and tell them your precise destination. Certainly, finding a good destination will require a research, but the effort spent will be rewarded with the great fun of eating out at the best and most interesting Moscow restaurants. 

Here are only a few hints for those, who are looking for a perfect setting. On the top of the famous Ostankino tower there is the “seventh sky” restaurant. You will have a perfect opportunity to eat delicious meals while enjoying the view of the entire city. The restaurant is located over 300 meters above the ground. The floor, on which the restaurant is located, rotates. The full circle is made within forty minutes, and thus the visitor will not only be able to enjoy the food, but also will see the entire city during their meal.

If you are tired of the impressions, if you want to relax, there is a great place to go to. A very interesting place, where you will have an opportunity to enjoy good meals in full darkness. Keep in mind, they will be cooked and served in darkness as well. The dishes are served by blind waiters, but the trick is for you to cope with your meal without being able to see the food. They say, the food tastes different once you can’t see it. If you want to check it out Oktyabrskaya Street 2/4 is the address you need to tell Moscow taxi driver.

In between these two extremes of seeing the entire city while having your dinner and seeing nothing at all there is a full spectrum of excellent restaurants, by attending which you will get to know Moscow better.