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Mysterious Moscow

Mysterious Moscow

Many foreigners come to Moscow on business, and this is why the service of airport transfer in Moscow is so popular among them. Moscow is a city, difficult to get about. At the same time, business people value their time most, and thus, ordering an airport taxi transfer in Moscow appears to be quite a reasonable investment.

However, even business people sometimes get bored with the seriousness of business meetings, as well as the tourists are sometimes tired of attending pathetic sights of the ancient city. Churches and art galleries, castles and masterpieces of architecture are countless in Moscow, but after all, entertainment is also important in our lives. We are all only humans. This is why it may be handy to know a few places with romantic air, or, to say even more, mysterious places. After a long, tiresome day you may visit one of such places and tune yourself to romantic mood. Thus, order a transfer in Moscow right now and let us begin the journey.

The majority of business people as well as average tourists spend most of their time in downtown Moscow. Thus, with downtown we begin. Execution place or “Lobnoye Mesto” in Russian. Any taxi driver will bring you there. It is located on the Red Square. They say, any wish will come true if you throw a coin and hit the very heart of the stone circle. The place is full of coins, and you are welcome to see for yourself if it works. Why not wishing something regarding your business affairs in Moscow? The legend says, the execution place was built when Moscow was rebuilt by Khan Makhmed Girey. Once a year a tsar would come to this place and show those of their sons who have come off age. It used to be called “Tsar’s place” in ancient time, and used to be a sacred place for Muscovites and all Russians.

The road of death is another name for the road between Lubertsy and Lytkarino. Car accidents take place here outstandingly frequently, though there seems to be no reasons for it. They say the reason is, however, that the road goes through an ancient cemetery, but this has not found scientific evidence yet. However, if you wish to see the place, don’t hire a taxi in Moscow, just go there on foot, to be on the safe side.

The ghost of Kuznetskiy most can be seen in downtown part of the city, not far from the legendary Lubyanka. This is the place, where Sava Morozov’s lover was run over by a carriage. They say, meeting her stands for parting with one’s beloved one. Thus, if that’s not what you are after, stay away from the place in the evenings. The legend says that the lady was going along the street by her carriage, when she heard a newspaper boy cry out the recent news. Among the things he shouted out was the news of Sava Morozov’s suicide in Nice. The lady ordered to stop the carriage and wanted to buy a newspaper, when she got run over by another carriage, which was then moving in the opposite direction.

The Wizard’s tower or “Bashnya Kolduna” in Russian is to be found in the end of Sretenka Street. If you order a transfer in Moscow, the taxi will take you there in no time flat. According to the legend some time ago, when the city ended here, it used to be a dangerous place. This is why it was decided to build a watchtower. During Peter’s time the wooden tower was replaced with a stone one. A black magic practitioner settled down in this tower. The people, who lived around the place, told the most mysterious stories about his unlimited abilities. Among other things, they said, that he hid significant riches in the tower. And, of all people, the Soviet authorities took this legend very seriously. They destroyed the tower in search of the treasures.  And, they say; now the ghost of the monk walks about the place in hope of having his dwelling rebuilt.

There are many more interesting places in Moscow. Don’t lose any time, order taxi transfer in Moscow and start discovering the mysteries.