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Moscow Suburbs.

Moscow Suburbs.

If you are tired of overcrowded streets of Moscow, if you believe you have seen everything you needed to see in this majestic city, but you still have got some time and desire to see something new, there are things you ought to pay attention to. Now call taxi in Moscow and start your journey around Moscow suburbs. It is reasonable to remark, that suburbs are gaining popularity as places of residence among the richest people in Russia. Hi-tech is very well mingled with ancient air in these towns and villages. Huge parks and gardens contain wonderful masterpieces of architecture and by seeing all this you “dive” into the depth of Russian and European history, touch the reality in which famous Russian writers, poets and artists used to work, get to understand, what influence Europe and Asia have had upon the formation of the great Russian culture. Moscow suburbs are also excellent places for orthodox Christians. This is a perfect place where a number of sanctuaries are to be seen. Those tourists who are after enjoying rest close to nature should also find a reliable taxi in Moscow and hurry up to enjoy the fabulous Moscow suburban air. Here you can enjoy fishing, collecting mushrooms, relax in a bath house, dive into an ice hole, hunt and simply relax in the quiet setting of a Russian village, while being within a distance of a short drive from Moscow and having access to modern channels of communication.

It is worthwhile understanding, which of the numerous Moscow suburbs will meet your expectations.

Arkhangelskoye is, certainly, a “must go” destination among all Moscow suburbs. It won’t take you long to get there if you find a taxi in Moscow and tell them to bring you to the wonderful palace in Arkhangelskoye. The place was known even in the times of Ivan Grozny, however it gained its prosperity some two hundred years ago, and since then the palace and the gorgeous park around it attracted attention of the most outstanding people of different times. The palace is also a museum, where the masterpieces of many noble artists are to be found.

Gorki and Sukhanovo are the two country seats, definitely worthwhile being seen by anybody who is interested in Russian history. These places at different times were owned by the people, who had significant influence on the run of Russian history.

Borovsk is another destination for those, who wish to feel the ancient Russian air. The town was founded over a thousand years ago, and if you find a taxi in Moscow, the round trip won’t take you long.

If you are after spending your leisure time in the open air but have little time to spend on reaching the destination, well, even in such a case Moscow region will offer you a perfect solution. Any taxi in Moscow will bring you to Barviha – a place only eight kilometers away from Moscow ring road. This is the place where you will enjoy all traditional Russian entertainments and the typical Russian scenery.

The list of Moscow suburbs to which a taxi in Moscow could take you in less than an hour is to be continued, but these three are the ones you ought to start with when exploring the vicinities of Moscow.