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Russian Golden Ring

Russian Golden Ring

Russia is, no doubt, a great attraction for any tourist. However foreigners traditionally limit themselves to visiting Moscow with its Kremlin and the Red Square.

But visiting Moscow and getting to know Russia is not the same. Certainly, it is not hard to order a taxi transfer from any Moscow airport and travel to downtown, stay at a luxurious hotel and, after a few days of visiting Moscow restaurants leave for the next destination.

But there is much more to be seen. Russia is a huge country, and, being the largest country in the world, it has much to offer to those, who are open to new impressions. Russians even say that Moscow and Russia are two entirely different countries. Thus, it is reasonable to order a transfer from a Moscow airport and go seeing places.

But what to start with? It is a reasonable question for somebody who wants to plan their trip in order to get the most out of it. Well, in order not to go too far away from Moscow on your first visit you ought to see the Golden Ring of Russia.

You can order a transfer from a Moscow airport and travel around the ring much faster and with greater comfort than any other means of transportation may provide you with. Keep in mind: Russia is known for its roads. They are, to say the least, not always up to European standards.

This is why, to be on the safe side, it is better to take a minivan when you order a transfer from a Moscow airport. This option has got a number of advantages. First of all the highly comfortable minivan taxi our company can provide you with will allow a much more comfortable experience of traveling by poor quality roads. At the same time you will be able to take your entire luggage with you. Russia is a big country, the distances are large, and you may be tempted to travel to some distant location, to a village in the middle of nowhere, a deep forest or any other location, where not all modern conveniences may be readily available. In such a case it may appear to be very handy to have some supplies at hand. This is why a minivan taxi in Moscow is the best choice for a tourist, who plans his travel in Russia. Though the cities of the Golden Ring are relatively close to Moscow, it is still much better to order a transfer from a Moscow airport, choose a mini van option and save the precious time you may otherwise waste in slow buses.

Besides, in case you are not fluent in Russian, an English speaking taxi driver may appear to be very helpful. The further away from Moscow, the less people will know any language but their native one. Thus, you may need help understanding the locals.