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Moscow International Airports. Zhukovsky.

Moscow International Airports. Zhukovsky.

If you are planning a trip to Moscow, you may be certain: it will be too short however long you may stay there. There is so much to be seen and experienced in this ancient and, at the same time, up-to-date city. This is why it is so important to wisely spend your time. Whenever you can save an hour, do that and spend it on seeing the sights or living the life of the great city. And this is where a transfer from Zhukovsky airport may turn out to be very handy. The newly opened facility is located quite ways away from Moscow’s downtown, and this is precisely why a transfer from Zhukovsky airport is the wisest decision for somebody who values their time.

Since the airport is relatively new, there is no railway station which would serve the airport. There are a few solutions, including municipal buses and privately run minivans, which give travelers an opportunity to reach the nearest metro stations, but the trip will be associated with standing in long queues during rush hours and having to deal with the drivers who hardly speak any language except Russian.

As mentioned above, Zhukovsky airport was built in order to take some of the load off the other three biggest airports, which serve Moscow and thus to make the prices for the tickets less costly. The airport was opened in a location which has long served as aircraft testing airfield. Not to long ago small planes and charters began to take off at Ramenskoe airport. It was the name of the airport at those times. However, recently a new terminal has been built and the airport serves as an international airport, serving flights from all over the country, as well as from post-soviet countries. The airport certainly has got significant potential for future development. However nowadays it is far from being fully realized, this is why it is at times not as comfortable to get to Moscow’s central districts from Zhukovsky Airport, as it is from the other three biggest Moscow airports. However, ordering a transfer from Zhukovsky airport will certainly resolve the issue. It is important to keep in mind, that the airport is also designed to be as an emergency landing platform for the flights, which are scheduled to land in other Moscow’s airports, but due to technical difficulties fail to lend at their destination airport. The airport has got an extremely long runway, actually, the second longest in the world publically used runway, which allows the facility to accept even complex landings. Thus, if your flight had to make an emergency landing at Zhukovsky airport, you may consider a transfer from Zhukovsky airport quite a handy option to consider.

In any case, a transfer from Zhukovsky airport will certainly save you a lot of time, which is so precious when staying in Moscow.