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Taxi in Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Taxi in Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Now it is time to plan your trip to Moscow. It is important to pay proper attention to the planning since in Moscow you won’t find too many people fluently speaking English. Meanwhile, it is a huge city and finding your way about it may appear to be quite a complex task. Make sure that you know in details how to get from the airport you will arrive at to your hotel.

If your arrival point in Moscow is Sheremetyevo airport, your options are numerous. This is, certainly, one of Moscow’s biggest and busiest airports with five terminals in operation. Four of them are of general use, while one serves business and private flights. The airport was opened for the 1980 Olympic games, which took place in Moscow. The airport remains to be one of the most closely located airports related to the city’s central area. The heavy traffic which goes through the airport is a prerequisite of the numerous options for reaching downtown. Probably, the fastest and most reliable of all public transport options available at the airport is the Aeroexpress train, which takes the passengers to Belorussky rail terminal. The airport is located comparatively close to the city center, and this is why the ride takes only about 35 minutes. 

However, you may find a transfer from Sheremetyevo airport to be a much more comfortable option. Certainly, there is an opportunity to order a taxi in the airport, however if you order a transfer from Sheremetyevo airport, you will not have to fuss around with your luggage in hands, searching for the taxi. You will be met by an English speaking driver who will help you with your luggage. What is also very important, you will pay a fixed price for the ride. You may even pay for your transfer from Sheremetyevo airport online, and in such a way you won’t even have to worry about having local currency. It is important to remember, that taxi in Moscow is oftentimes a surprise for a foreigner. Some of the privately operating drivers will try to charge you extra. You can certainly avoid it by ordering a transfer from Sheremetyevo airport.

Another option for those who do not have much luggage and are not under any time pressure is taking a bus to the nearest Metro station. Municipal bus number 817 will take you to Planernaya metro station. You can get to “Rechnoy Vokzal” station by bus 851.

It is also important to remember that the terminals in Sheremetyevo airport are subdivided into southern and the northern clusters, which are connected by a shuttle bus. You may need this option when transferring from one flight to another. But in case Moscow is your destination, there is no better solution than transfer from Sheremetyevo airport. You only need to order it in advance to avoid any complications.

Here you can find more information about airport transfer and other types of transportation services in Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport: http://www.svo.aero/en/