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Infrastructure of Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Infrastructure of Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Domodedovo is one of Moscow’s three largest airports, and its infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of each and every passenger who arrives in Moscow or makes a transfer in the Russian capital. If Moscow is your destination, then you will certainly desire to order a transfer from Domodedovo airport and head for the city, leave your luggage at the hotel and then see the sights. However if you plan to transfer at Domodedovo, you will need to find a good way of spending time. There is always that opportunity to just order a transfer from Domodedovo airport and go to Moscow for a few hours. 

But keep in mind that the airport is located quite ways away from the city’s center. It is 22 kilometers away from Moscow’s ring road, and heavy traffic may make the entire idea absurd. A transfer from Domodedovo airport is a reasonable option to consider in case you have to switch the airports or in case you need to wait very long until your following flight. But in case you need to spend a few hours in the airport, you will be interested to find out what entertainment options are available at the terminal.

As mentioned above, Domodedovo airport offers various options for the passengers with any needs. It has facilities available for people with disabilities; there is a room for women with children. The room includes both playing areas and areas for breast-feeding women. There is a Christian chapel and a mosque within the airport’s territory.

The first floor of the terminal is home to registration sectors and stores. On the second floor one can find numerous stores, restaurants, cafes, including world brands, a spa center, banking offices, a post office, an office of the migration service. The second floor of the airport can be reached by means of elevators and escalators.

Thus a transfer from Domodedovo airport may not be the best choice for those, who only need to spend a few hours waiting for the next flight. In Domodedovo airport one can have a snack, go shopping, pray at a chapel or a mosque, withdraw or exchange money and do a number of other things. However, if your stay in Moscow will last twelve hours or more, it may be wise to order a transfer from Domodedovo airport in order to enjoy an opportunity to get a glimpse of this beautiful city.