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Leaving from Domodedovo

Leaving from Domodedovo

When planning your trip to Moscow, one thing you need to keep in mind, is that your departure must be carefully scheduled. This means that you have to find out more about your airport and possible options of getting there. The thing is that all Moscow’s airports are quite distantly located from the city center, and a taxi to Domodedovo airport may take you anywhere between a half an hour to an hour and a half.

Another alternative for those, who have little luggage or no luggage at all is Aeroexpress trains. However it may turn out to be less comfortable for those who know little or no Russian. When ordering a transfer to Domodedovo airport you can request an English speaking driver. He will not only bring you to the airport fast and safe, but will also be able to answer your questions regarding the peculiarities of the airport. Here is an example: if you are being late for the registration, a driver would prompt you to take advantage of Common Use Self Service (CUSS). It allows passengers to register without waiting in the queue by means of a CUSS terminal. Those, who have got no luggage can count on Reprint technology and register for their flight with their smart phones. A passenger can register through their mobile application and then a 2D bar code will be sent to the user’s phone. This Bar Code needs to be shown at an automatic terminal which identifies the reprint code and prints out a boarding pass.

On the other hand, if you are early for the flight, you may need to learn more about the infrastructure of the airport, a good coffee shop, restaurant, a restroom or other services available at the airport. Domodedovo airport even has got a chapel and a mosque on its territory, thus for a religious person it may be helpful to find out about an opportunity to pray in peace before boarding the plane. All this information can be available from the driver once you order a taxi to Domodedovo.

In other words, a taxi to Domodedovo is, probably, the most comfortable way of reaching one of the biggest hubs of Moscow from any destination within Moscow oblast. Forget about all the tickets and queues, an experienced English speaking driver will bring you to the airport and supply you with all the information you may need while making your way through the formalities at Domodedovo airport.

Those, who prefer public transportation to Taxi to Domodedovo airport can certainly chose an Aeroexpress train or a municipal bus, as well as a privately operated bus lines. The options of getting to the airport are numerous. But none of them is as comfortable as a taxi to Domodedovo airport.

But whatever option you choose, you need to know: there are things left unseen in Moscow, and thus you need to come back and see more of this magic and beautiful city.